Cloud Multi-Store Retail Software Features

Cloud-based multi-store retail management has never been easier. Whether you have two or two thousand, you can manage your chain of stores easily with Nimbus RMS. Nimbus provides a cloud platform that helps you take complete control of your retail-chain business 24/7. With Nimbus RMS, track inventory, transfer stock, check performance, and manage the security of each outlet in the cloud.

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cloud multi-store retail software: Activate New stores, create autonomous stores

Cloud Multi-Store Retail Software: Activate New Stores & Create Autonomous Stores

Nimbus cloud retail software is scalable and activating new stores is easy. All it requires is a simple configuration on the store definition screen.
Nimbus RMS also gives you the option to make some of your outlets autonomous. Autonomous stores can save work load and help you fix responsibility.


Cloud multi-store retail software- centrally manage user rights

Centrally Manage User Rights

Centrally manage user access and user permission on each store. According to the requirements, create managers, sales users, and data entry users with different levels of rights and access.

cloud-based multi store retail management- Standard SKU coding

Standard SKU Coding

All products are defined at HO and the same database is pushed to the outlets. This helps standardize coding, the same coding pattern is followed at each outlet, and inconsistent naming conventions are avoided.


 central data management in Nimbus RMS

Central Data Management

Update existing data, and add new products from Head Office and the changes are applied automatically at the stores. This saves workload as changes are applied centrally and the database has to be created just once.

Manage stock transfers with multi store retail software

Stock Transfer

Centrally manage stock transfers from the Head Office to stores or from one store to another. Dispatch and receive stock and make stock adjustments on behalf of all Head Office controlled stores

centralized purchase management and stock count in Nimbus RMS

Centralized Purchase Management & Stock Count

Nimbus allows you to manage suppliers from a single place by creating purchase orders for all your out-lets. Create purchase orders based on real-time sales data of every outlet. Manage centralized stock count of each location from the Head Office.

Cloud based Multi-store retail software features - central real time analytics

Central Real-Time Analytics

View stock real time stock and sale situation across all locations from the dashboard. Just select the store and view data trends at each store and forecast sales and stock.

cloud multi-store retail software - keep track of customers and employees from the head office

Central Track of customers and Employees

Centrally manage and keep track of customers and employees at each location. Select the store and check records of customers and employees defined at each store.

cloud multi-store retail software - centrally manage pricing and promotions

Centrally manage pricing & Promotion

Centrally create uniform pricing and run promotions and discount campaigns across multiple outlets. Or run different promotions for each outlet according to the store location and requirements.

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