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Cloud POS video Tutorials for Nimbus RMS help you master various online retail POS operations and inventory management. Video tutorials are offered in both Urdu and English languages.

Nimbus RMS Video Tutorials (in Urdu) TOP



This video gives a brief overview of the various features and screens in Nimbus retail software like dashboard, quick links, related operations, navigation menus, etc. You will learn how to search records, create records, save them, and other features

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This playlist has Fifteen videos. You will learn about creating purchase orders for ordering stock and Goods receipt note & GRN matrix for receiving stock. You will also learn about editing and deleting Purchase orders and Good receipt notes records.



This playlist has Eleven tutorials. You will learn all about customer and supplier definition, opening balance, updating/ deleting customer supplier records, etc.


Payment Options

This playlist has Three videos. Learn how to make Nimbus Payment through internet Banking, Jazz cash & Easy paisa



This playlist has four videos. You will learn how to create groups, assign users to different groups, and assign various screen rights to each user group.

Nimbus Configuration


This playlist has one video. You will learn how to use the configuration menu in Nimbus RMS according to your business requirements. The video tutorials provide instructions about using the configuration tabs related to various screens.

Nimbus Sale screen

Sales and Return

This playlist has Twenty Four Tutorials. You will learn about Creating a Sales Invoice, Sale Invoice by selecting Customers or Salespersons, Shift Management, End of Day. You will also learn how to use some other options on the Sales and Return screen.



This playlist has Four Videos. Learn how to Define Account Heads, create  Accounting Transactions, make payments to suppliers, and receive payments from customers  



This playlist has four videos. You will learn how to set up report filters. Reports C-01, C-02, C-03 are explained



This playlist has Eighteen Tutorials. You will learn how to Define items in Nimbus RMS, create Item Template Code, attach Item Attributes, Deactivate Items. You will also learn about some other options on the Item Definition screen.


Inventory Management

This playlist has Four Videos. You will learn about the carry out a stock audit or stock count in Nimbus, how to check stock audit records,  how to transfer stock from one to store another, how to set inventory levels, how to make an inventory adjustment.


Accounting Module

This playlist has Eleven videos.You will  learn how to use the various features in the online accounting module for nimbus users like chart of accounts, financial year, vouchers, etc.


E-commerce Module

This playlist has Four videos. Learn how to integrate your store with Shopify, sync products and stock from Nimbus to Shopify.

Nimbus RMS Video Tutorials (in English) TOP

Cloud POS and inventory software overview

Nimbus Overview (English)

This playlist has Three videos.


Item Definition (English)

This playlist has Thirteen videos.

Sale related functions in Cloud POS

Sale (English)

This playlist has Ten videos.


Reports (English)

This playlist has Two videos.


Purchase (English)

This playlist has Eight videos.


Inventory Management (English)

This playlist has Six videos.

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