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Customers-Management in Nimbus online retail software

Customer Management in Retail

Customer management in retail involves keeping track of many aspects of customer interaction. From building a customer database to managing ledgers of credit customers, all fall within the purview of customer management in retail.

Nimbus online retail software provides an effective customer management system for retailers. With Nimbus, you can build your customer database, use this data to run marketing/SMS campaigns, and create and manage customer ledgers.

let’s learn how to manage customers in Nimbus RMS.

Customer Management in Retail: Building a Customer Database

Retail businesses are dependent on customers. Thus the first step is to build and streamline your customer database. With Nimbus RMS, you can record the walk-in customers and also create detailed customer profiles to start a loyalty program.

Walk-in Customer Database for Running SMS campaigns

One of the easiest & efficient ways to build your customer database is by keeping track of your walk-in customers. For running SMS campaigns, you only need to record the mobile numbers of the walk-in customers, and simply noting down the numbers doesn’t require much time thus keeping the checkout process smooth.

To record walk-in customers in Nimbus online retail software, on the sales and return screen, while creating an invoice, simply enter the mobile number of the customer with the plus sign in the customer field.

When you save the invoice, Nimbus will automatically save the customer number in the database. To check and export walk-in customer numbers, you can check the walk-in customer report.

For multi-chain retail stores, all your walk-in customers are attached to their respective stores. This will help you identify the stores with maximum footfall.

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Creating Detailed Customer Profiles

Nimbus RMS has a customer module where you can add details like the name, address, and DOB, of each customer.

You can create various customer types, and while defining customers, attach each customer to a type. This will help in determining different pricing strategies, discount campaigns, and loyalty programs for various types of customers.

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How to create Customer Types

How to Create Customer Type-Based Prices

How to Attach Customer-Type Discounts to Departments

Starting a Customer Loyalty Program

Starting a loyalty club program in Nimbus is very easy. You can create different reward and redemption programs for different customer types.

For example, you can configure different loyalty amounts and the minimum redemption balances for each type of customer.

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Managing Credit Customers

Credit customers are those customers who purchase from you on credit. Especially, for wholesalers, selling on credit is quite common. While defining customers in Nimbus, you can easily designate a customer as a credit customer, and define the credit limit. And for your existing credit customers, you can enter the receivable amount as the opening balance.

Managing Customer Ledgers

The ledgers of credit customers are automatically created in Nimbus RMS. All purchases and payments by the credit customers and their credit balance are maintained in the ledgers

To sum up, if you are a retailer or wholesaler, customer management is important to scale up your business and streamline marketing strategies. Nimbus online retail software makes it easy.

Which features of customer management are you using, and how do they help you?

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