FAQs – Got a Question About Nimbus RMS?

Ready to take your retail business up a notch? But want answers to some of your questions? You can ask us anything about Nimbus. We have listed down the answers to some of the frequently asked questions. If you have more questions, please let us know.

  • How can I check if Nimbus RMS is the right fit for my business?

    You can check the features and functionalities of Nimbus RMS by creating a trial account. The multi-store option is also available in the trial version making it possible to check the enterprise features like stock transfer, etc.

  • How do I create an account in Nimbus RMS?

    Creating an account in Nimbus is simple. Just visit www.NimbusRMS.com and click the create account link and follow the instructions.

  • Does Nimbus RMS solution properly support Ecommerce?

    Yes. You can easily integrate Nimbus with Shopify. The stock and sales sync in real time between Nimbus RMS and Shopify.

  • Does Nimbus POS solution meet all security and compliance requirements

    Yes. Nimbus retail software is hosted on Microsoft Azure, a secure platform where all your pos and other data remain secure.

  • Is Nimbus RMS adaptable to my business needs?

    Yes. Nimbus is scalable and you add new shops, new users, or registers with just a few clicks.

  • Is Nimbus RMS user-friendly?

    Nimbus RMS and POS are designed with the user in mind. It has a simple interface and there is a very small learning curve. Moreover, Nimbus retail software is supported by a video training center and a comprehensive support website where screen-wise help is available.

  • Is Nimbus retail software free?

    Yes, Nimbus RMS has a free version that you can use to manage your business. Of course, there are limitations

  • Can I get real-time Insights and Reporting?

    Yes. Nimbus RMS dashboard provides quick real-time analytics.

  • Are there hidden fees and charges?

    No. There are no hidden charges. You just have to pay the monthly charges.

  • Can I add locations and terminals?

    Yes. You can easily add locations and terminals by paying the extra charges.

  • While the POS is cloud-based, does it have a back-up system? Can I still make sales if I am offline?

    Yes. Nimbus also works in the offline mode. If the internet is not available, your sales will not stop and once you are online, the sales data will automatically sync.

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