How to Add Products in Nimbus:  VideoTutorials

The video tutorials in this section cover the features and screens related to Items. The tutorials in this section also cover the Stock Entry, Item Assembly, and All Item Lists tabs on the Item Definition screen. You can read the related help articles on Items and Attributes here

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  2. How to Add a Product


Item Definition TOP


Watch Time: 1:40 (Minutes)

How to Add a Product to Nimbus RMS

In this video, you will learn how to add a product by entering the item’s Name, Code, Cost, & Retail price. 


Watch Time: 1:52 (Minutes)

How to Define SKU Wise Retail Price

In this video, you will learn about SKUs and how to enter a different price for each SKU in size and color items


Watch Time: 3:34 Minutes

Item Attributes Explained

In this video, you will learn about Item-based & Line Item-based attributes.  You will learn how to define these attributes and attach them to items.


Watch Time: 1:34 (Minutes)

How to Enter Stock on Item Definition Screen

How to enter stock of items (both with & without size and color) on the stock entry tab of Item Definition screen


Watch Time: 2:06 (Minutes)

How to Update Product Information

In this video, you will learn how to update product information of both with and without size and color items


Watch Time: 3:18 (Minutes)

Item Definition Additional Information

Learn how to use the additional features of Assembly, User Price, Online Item, No Barcode Print, Images & comments


Watch Time: 2:37 Minutes

Item Definition – Alternate Barcodes



Watch Time: 4:43 Minutes

Packaging Barcode Explained



Watch Time: 3.05 Minutes

How to Enter Products with Variants

In this video, learn how to enter products with sizes and colors to create SKUs for size and color items


Watch Time: 4:07 Minutes

Item Conversion Factor



Watch Time: 1:56 (Minutes)

How to Create Item Assemblies

Learn how to define assembly items & create assemblies by attaching child products with the assembly item.

Import Items Data TOP


Watch Time: 2:58 Minutes

Import items Data in Nimbus



Watch Time: 5:14 Minutes

Import items Data with variant


Item Code Template TOP

How to create an item code template in Nimbus RMS

Watch Time: 3:01 (Minutes)

How to Create Item Code Template

Learn how to create a code template for both standard and size and color items. Code Templates are created against departments


Watch Time: 3:01 Minutes

How to Print Product Barcodes

In this video, you will learn how to print product barcodes from two screens:  Item barcode printing and GRN screens.

Change Retail & Cost PriceTOP


Watch Time: 2:23 (Minutes)

How To Change Item Retail Price in Bulk

Learn how to Bulk edit retail prices. You will also learn different ways of loading items for bulk editing

Nimbus - Change-Item-Cost-Price-In-Nimbus

Watch Time: 2:23 (Minutes)

How to Bulk Edit Cost Price of Items

Learn how to Bulk edit cost prices. You will also learn different ways of loading items for bulk editing

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