Nimbus Point of Sale FBR Integration: How It works

The FBR taxation laws require all local Tier-1 retailers to integrate their billing systems with the FBR invoicing system. Nimbus integration with FBR helps retailers not just abide by Pakistan’s taxation laws but also make the entire process simple and hassle-free.


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Nimbus FBR Integration: Features

Automatic Taxation Process

Nimbus point of sale integration with the FBR is the process by which all your sales invoices will automatically load on the FBR servers. Once the Nimbus point of sale is integrated with the FBR, you don’t have to manually prepare tax returns. The entire taxation process will become automatic and on a real-time basis.

Sales Sync Status Report

Once the Nimbus point of sale is integrated with the FBR, you can keep track of all the sales invoices synced with the FBR invoicing system. C-04 sales sync status report provides details of the synced invoices.

Easy to Set up

Nimbus POS integration with the FBR is a simple process. You just need to get your POS ID from the FBR website and the HS codes of your items. You will then activate FBR integration in Nimbus, enter the POS FBR code plus authentication token, and attach the HS code to your items on the item definition screen.

sales receipt with QR code

With Nimbus POS FBR integration, your sales receipts will display a unique invoice number and  QR code that the customers can use to verify the amount of tax deposited to the FBR.

Handling of Different Tax percentages of items

The tax percentages for different products vary. Some products are also exempted from tax, all these variations are easily handled in Nimbus point of sale FBR integration. HS codes of various items are attached to each item on the item definition screen. Taxes are deducted accordingly.

Frequently Asked Question About Nimbus FBR Integration

If I create an account in Nimbus RMS, will my point of sale be automatically integrated with FBR?

No. Your point of sale will not automatically integrate with the FBR. After creating your store in Nimbus,  you will contact the support team for FBR integration.

Are there service charges for Nimbus integration with FB?

Yes, you need to pay the FBR integration charges. You can check the details on the Nimbus pricing page.

If I have more than one point of sale, do I have to integrate every pos with the FBR?

Yes. According to the FBR rules you need to integrate every point of sale with the FBR servers.

What is the first step for Nimbus integration with FBR?

The first step is to get your POS ID from the FBR website. 

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