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Manage Fine Dine, Quick Serve, Home Delivery

Cloud-Based POS for restaurants. Create recipes, reduce wait time for customers, and monitor sales from anywhere, anytime.

Nimbus restaurant software--

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Handle service charges in Nimbus restaurant

A Single Screen to Manage All Your Restaurant Needs


Manage Dine-in, Quick Serve, and Home Delivery from One Screen. Add pictures of menu items

Seamless Home Delivery

Are you managing Home Delivery? Enter customer data on the go. Or load existing customers

Fast Table Management for Dine-in Restaurants

Check the table status from the dashboard in real-time. Keep track of the busy, free, and billing stage tables.

Which service is helping you make profits…is it Fine Dine, Quick Serve, or Home Delivery?

Check reports and develop a winning business strategy.

Manage table returns on Kitchen Receipts and Provisional Bills

Want to handle Service charges? No problem!

Click the service charges button. Add value and percentage. Apply

Learn How to Use Nimbus Restaurant Point of Sale

Cost-effective cloud-based restaurant software. Access your restaurant from anywhere on any device. No upfront costs, just a nominal monthly recharge, and you can cancel your subscription anytime you want. Create an account NOW. No credit card is required. 

Click the images below and learn how to use Nimbus restaurant software

Nimbus restaurant Introduction
Learn how to manage dine-in in Nimbus restaurant software
How to manage quick serve in Nimbus restaurant software
How to manage home delivery in Nimbus restaurant software

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