How to Choose Online Retail Software in 2021 and Beyond

Nov 4, 2020Retail With Nimbus-

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Online Retail Software and the Retail/Wholesale Businesses

The year 2021 threw enough curveballs to keep us on our toes 24/7. If it taught us anything it is about staying prepared, adopting new ways of doing business, and finding new opportunities in challenges.
The covid-19 lockdown period saw us navigating the virtual world, and we realized we need to change the way we work and do business. Now retail is not just about employing the required safety measures and obeying the smart lock-down it is also about smart ways to do business. And this is where Nimbus online retail software comes in. Nimbus is not just the best point of sale system for small businesses but it also has all the required features to manage retail chains.

Let’s have a look at how Nimbus POS software can help you manage your retail/ wholesale businesses efficiently and effectively in 2021 and beyond.


Online Retail Software that’s Fully Mobile Compatible


Nimbus retail software is responsive. Whether you want to keep track of your business on the go with its efficient analytics dashboard or you want to manage sales from your mobile, Nimbus is the answer. Mobile compatibility is also of tremendous help to distributors. For example, if you are a distributor and have to deliver stock during a lockdown, all you need is the supplies and your mobile. Deliver the supplies at your customers’ doorsteps, prepare an invoice on the go and email it. All from your mobile.

Similarly, if you are visiting your vendors to buy the stock just carry along your mobile and enter the stock on the go.

Having your account on Nimbus is like having an entire store in your pocket.

Can’t get more comfortable than this!


Online Retail Software that Works in Offline Mode


online retail sofware-works in offline mode

While you are busy in distribution or selling, who knows where the internet is not available. You definitely need software that works in an offline mode so that sales are not disturbed or stock entry is not hindered no matter where you are. Nimbus POS has a robust offline mode. Whether you make sales or enter stock without inter accesses, you don’t have to worry. All your data of stock and sales will automatically sync when the internet is available.

You don’t need to do anything, not even a click! The entire syncing process is automatic.

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Online retail software that’s Flexible

An effective retail software, whether on-premise or cloud-based, is all about flexibility. It should provide the retailers with enough options to customize it to their various business needs. Whether you are running a small retail business or a multi-chain business, Nimbus will easily fit all your needs.

One very useful feature for retail chains is the option to create independent or company-owned stores. A large retail chain can create a hybrid of autonomous and company-owned stores for easy management.

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Everything you wanted to know about Autonomous Stores in Nimbus

The flexibility of Nimbus web-based software helped Ali’s Uniform to tailor it to their specific needs for running a franchise model. You click the link below to read their story.

Customer Spotlight: How Nimbus RMS Helps Ali’s Uniforms


Online Retail Software that’s Safe


Are you worried about your data lying somewhere in the cloud? Do you wonder if the transactions on your retail POS are safe or not? With Nimbus retail software, you can work in peace, without worries. Nimbus is secure as it is hosted on the Microsoft Azure platform.

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Online Retail software that’s backed by Support


With an intuitive interface, Nimbus retail management software is easy to learn. Moreover, the Nimbus customer service department is always ready to guide you about everything you need to know, and the support experience is tailored for each customer.

online retail software training center

Nimbus also has detailed help guides and video tutorials about each and every feature of Nimbus. You can navigate to these tutorials right from your application interface.


Online Retail Software with the Free Trial & Free Account


Nimbus retail software is all about making retail simple. It is also about leveling the playing field for small business owners by keeping the costs low. Nimbus is available at affordable monthly charges with no infrastructure costs.

You can easily take Nimbus on a test drive by creating a free trial account, access all Nimbus help documentation, or even create a free account. You don’t need any permission to use it, there’s nothing secretive about it. It the online retail POS and inventory software for every retailer and wholesaler.

Just visit the website, create an account and start using it and meet the next year head-on

So are you ready to take on the challenges posed by 2020 and beyond? Nimbus is making it easy, just click the create account button given below.

Stay safe and happy retailing!

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