POS Mobile App: How to Use Nimbus RMS As a Mobile App

Apr 5, 2021Retail With Nimbus-

POS mobile app-how to convert nimbus rms into mobile app

POS mobile app can be a game changer for retailers. Nimbus online retail software comes with a built in mobile app. You can easily convert the Nimbus RMS cloud retail software into a mobile app. It is not just convenient but is also lightweight meaning you can easily install it in a few seconds. The weight of the Nimbus android app is 211 kb

Let’s learn how to convert Nimbus RMS into a  android mobile app.

  • What is a mobile app?

    As it is obvious from the word 'mobile', a mobile application or app is a software designed to run seamlessly on mobile devices like smartphone or tablets. Mobile applications are fully responsive and lightweight thus making it convenient for the user to work with it.

  • What is Mobile Retail POS App?

    A mobile retail POS app is a lightweight application software that you can install on your phone to perform the various retail operations.

  • Is Nimbus RMS a mobile App?

    Nimbus RMS is a complete online retail management system that you can easily operate on your mobile. However, Nimbus RMS comes with the added functionality of a mobile app.

  • Do I have to go to goolge play store to download the Nimbus RMS mobile App?

    No. You don't need to go on google paly store to download the Nimbus app. The Nimbus application is automatically converted into an app with a few clicks. Just follow the steps listed below:

    First method

    1. Log in to your Nimbus RMS account on your smart phone
    2. Click the message at the bottom of the screen 'Add Nimbus to Home Screen'
    3. Click Install app
    4. You will find Nimbus icon in your mobile applications section.

    Second Method

    1. Log in to your Nimbus RMS account on your smart phone
    2. Click the three dots on the top to open the Nimbus menu
    3. Click Install App
    4. You will see the Nimbus icon in your mobile applications section.

  • Will I Get Access to All the Features in the Nimbus Mobile App?

    Yes, the Nimbus Mobile app is fully featured.

  • Is Nimbus Mobile App Safe to Use?

    Yes. Mobile platforms enforce HTTPS requirements with modern encryption and trusted signed certificates. Moreover, Nimbus is hosted on Microsoft Azure cloud and this ensures data security.

  • Can I carry out my sales in Mobile App while I am offline?

    Yes. You can easily carry out your sales in the offline mode on your phone. The functionality of off-line sales is also available in mobile App.

  • How do I Uninstall the Nimbus app?

    You can uninstall the Nimbus mobile app just like any other app. Just press the Nimbus icon on your phone screen and click uninstall.

POS mobile app-how to convert nimbus rms into mobile app-second method
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