6 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy Nimbus Retail Software

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Nimbus retail software- reasons not to choose it

There are a hundred and one reasons to choose Nimbus retail software, and Nimbus users keep adding more reasons on a regular basis. Whenever there is an update in Nimbus, the Nimbus retail software fans tell us why they love Nimbus.

But we want to be fair. Since you already know the facts that make Nimbus such an ideal choice for retailers, we thought we might as well share some of the scenarios where Nimbus wouldn’t be such a good choice.

So, read on.

You Should NOT select Nimbus RMS if:

You Don’t Care About Reputation of the Company Standing Behind the Software

Nimbus retail software- why you shouldn't choose it

If you don’t give much weightage to the company behind the software, then you can do without Nimbus RMS. If you think there will be no difference between the quality of the software made by two people in a week and the software made by retail experts who have been catering to the retail industry for the last two decades, well, then you can easily not opt for Nimbus RMS.

Nimbus RMS has the back of a software company that’s two decades old. It has been tried and tested by countless retailers. And it has been improved by the feedback of retailers.

While we respect your reason, here’s something we would like to suggest:

Try new hobbies, visit new cities, and make new friends. But while selecting the software for your retail business, go for the company’s goodwill, and select the software that’s made by experts.

You are Super Good at All Things Tech and Believe You Wouldn’t Need Support. 


You are a techie and believe you can manage to work with software that doesn’t provide customer support. You think, since you are tech-savvy, you can easily figure out on your own how any software works. Moreover, you are convinced that any glitches in the software can be easily solved. So you don’t look for software with an active after-sales service support & training center.

While we respect your IT prowess, here’s something we would like to suggest:

Use your IT expertise to navigate the world of the internet, or create apps, and assist & educate your friends and colleagues in this much-needed skill. But when it comes to the retail management system, look for a system that’s efficiently backed by excellent after-sales training and support centers. This will save time and make your life super easy.

Trial Versions, demos, or Free Accounts Don’t Appeal to You 

solve the mystery

You think it is a waste of time to try the trial version or demo. And you find it a good strategy when software trial versions are not easily available. You are of the opinion that it adds to the mystery of the software. Mysteries appeal to you.

While we like your taste for mysteries, here’s something we would like to suggest:

Though solving a mystery could be interesting, we suggest you stick to watching sherlock holmes mysteries. Buying software and trying it out later could be a rude awakening.

When Good Prices Scare You

Maybe you are one of those people who eye good prices with suspicion and think that if the price is low, the product can’t be good. Your experience has shown that to buy something authentic you need to pay a hefty price. Thus when you find a complete could-based retail management at such an attractive price, you immediately become apprehensive.

While we believe you have a right to your opinion, here’s something we would like to suggest:

Trying is believing. We think, it is good to form an opinion after having tried it, so we would ask you to try out Nimbus RM, and the trial is sure to prove you wrong.

You Like Prestige and Status Associated with International Brands 

expensive is good

You are a designer person and like to splurge on all designer stuff because you consider it more prestigious and a sign of high status. You think if you spend a considerable amount of money on big-name, or imported stuff it will make a statement about yourself & your business. You believe any software by an international brand is bound to be more authentic.

While we understand the desire for prestige and status, here’s something we would like to suggest: 

By all means, splurge on that designer jacket you have been eyeing, but when it comes to a cloud-based retail management system, nothing like a home-grown brand. The local company would know the local industry, and there is the advantage of forming a close business relationship with the local company. And relationships are important, you know.

You Believe Software Should be Difficult to Use 


You like challenges, you like to solve difficult puzzles, and you believe if anything is too easy it takes all the fun out of it. So when it comes to selecting a good cloud-based retail management system, you look for software that’s not easy to master, is not intuitive, and has a lot of complicated screens.

While we are in awe of your challenge-seeking personality-we at LumenSoft also like to accept challenges. After all, two decades ago, we accepted the challenge to make retail super simple!-, there’s something we would like to suggest:

Seek challenges in other areas of your life. Run a marathon, climb a mountain, or solve difficult crossword puzzles. But when it comes to selecting efficient retail software, seek ease of use and intuitiveness.

Concluding Comment

We have listed the reasons why you should NOT buy Nimbus RMS. And if you still want to use Nimbus retail software for your business, you, we must say, have acute business acumen.

Author: naureen amjad- director communications. Along with navigating the many communication channels at LumenSoft, she likes to smell the flowers, count the stars, and bury her head in books. She strongly believes that the person who discovered coffee is the most important discoverer in the history of the world.
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