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This section of Cloud POS video Tutorials for Nimbus RMS helps you master the stock ordering and receiving process. You can also read the related articles on creating purchase orders and goods receipt notes in Nimbus retail software

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Purchase and Purchase Matrix TOP

receive and order stock: Purchase order introduction

Watch Time: 1:39 (Minutes)

Purchase Order: Introduction

Learn what is a purchase order, why it is important, and how you can make it mandatory or keep it optional in your system.


Watch Time: 2:35 Minutes

Purchase Order Matrix

In this video, you will learn how to make a purchaser order matrix for size and color items by adding sizes of the SKU in the grid.


Watch Time: 3:08 Minutes

Making a Purchase Order

Learn how to make a purchase order, select suppliers, load products, and check the stock of products.


Watch Time: 1:41 Minutes

PO using Packaging Barcode



Watch Time: 1:24 Minutes

Editing Purchase Order

Learn how to select a purchaser order for editing by applying different search criteria, and how to close the status of PO

GRN and GRN Matrix  TOP


Watch Time: 1:33 Minutes

GRN: Introduction

What is GRN and why it is important? You will also learn how to prepare GRN based on the latest cost price or weighted average cost .


Watch Time: 1:10 (Minutes)

How to Update GRN & GRN Matrix Records

In this video tutorial, you will learn how to search GRN records based on various criteria and update these records



Watch Time: 2:05 (Minutes)

GRN using Packaging Barcode



Watch Time: 1:47 (Minutes)

How to Make a Goods Receipt Note

Learn how to prepare a goods receipt note and select a mode of payment to suppliers by choosing the correct radio button.


Watch Time: 1:34 (Minutes)

Mode of Payment in GRN

Learn how to select the mode of payment to suppliers on GRN & check its impact on Day End and Supplier Payments screens.


Watch Time: 1:48 (Minutes)

How to Enter Stock of Size & Color Items

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a GRN matrix for entering the sizes and colors of the items with variants


Watch Time: 2:09 Minutes

What are Packs and Units

Learn about packs and units, how you can define them, and how you can check the details of units in each pack on GRN


Cost Price & GRN Posting TOP


Watch Time: 2:07 (Minutes)

How to Manage Cost Price on GRN

Learn how to manage cost price on GRN by selecting the purchase cost or  average cost methodology for managing costs


Watch Time: 2:56 (Minutes)

How to Manage Cost Price with GRN Posting

Learn how to manage cost by GRN posting. GRN posting is done when you select Average cost methodology 

Return to Vendor TOP


Watch Time: 1:21 (Minutes)

How to Return Stock to Suppliers (RTV)

In this video tutorial, you will learn how to return received stock to suppliers on the Return to Vendor screen

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