Optimizing Restaurant Billing: From Kitchen Order to Final Bill with Nimbus RMS

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There is something special about the restaurant billing process. It is not just a simple invoice, it is a complete journey. The restaurant billing process starts with the kitchen order and reaches its destination in the form of a final bill. To keep this billing journey seamless, every step matters. That’s where Nimbus Restaurant software steps in to take charge of the entire process.

Let’s explore how Nimbus RMS streamlines everything, from the initial kitchen receipt to the ultimate final bill.

Streamlining Orders with Kitchen Receipts

Kitchen receipts in Nimbus restaurant software

In the restaurant business, the kitchen is the most happening place. It is the place where the journey of a customer’s culinary experience and a restaurant’s reputation begin. You need to make sure that there is no discrepancy between what the customer demands and what is eventually served. To ensure accurate service, the ordered menu items should be properly conveyed to the kitchen staff.

Nimbus Restaurant software makes this easy.

Taking orders and punching them in Nimbus RMS

Nimbus RMS is cloud-based restaurant software, meaning a user can log in on any device and use the system. For example, a waiter can be assigned a user login and password that he can use on a tablet to take orders from customers at each table. The waiter can then send the order directly to the kitchen by simply clicking the kitchen order button.

The chef in the kitchen can look at the kitchen receipt and the table from which the order has come and prepare the order. Nimbus RMS thus not only automates order management but also generates accurate kitchen orders, reducing the chances of errors and optimizing kitchen operations.

Adding additional items to the Order:

If the customer wants to add to the order and remove any menu item from the order, Nimbus RMS makes it easy to make such changes by simply selecting the relevant table, adding additional items, and regenerating the kitchen order. Only the adjustments in that order will be reflected in the new kitchen order.

Canceling certain Items in the Order

Nimbus RMS offers the flexibility to accommodate customer preferences by allowing the cancellation of an order and the removal of specific items from the order even after the kitchen order has been generated.

To do this, simply access the table associated with the order and click the “Return” button. From there, you can select the items you wish to cancel, and they will appear on the billing screen with a negative sign. Selecting the “Kitchen Receipt” button will notify the kitchen about the items that have been canceled.

Note: Provisional and final bills will show details of the canceled items.

Provisional Bills for Customers to Verify the Correctness of their Orders

Restaurant billing-Happy customers

A provisional bill is provided to customers before the final bill. It is a record of the ordered menu items and their prices and allows customers to review the accuracy of their orders. At this stage, customers can not just verify the correctness of their orders but can also request modifications or adjustments if needed.

With Nimbus restaurant software, the entire process of generating a provisional bill is automated. The menu on the sales and return screen of Nimbus restaurant software shows the provisional bill button. You just need to click it to generate the bill.

In the event that the provisional bill contains menu items that were not ordered by the customer or if certain items are missing, making adjustments is a straightforward process. You can quickly make changes to the provisional bill by selecting the corresponding table, editing the bill, and then regenerating it.

In case specific items need to be refunded after the provisional bill has been generated, you can handle the cancellation process by choosing the corresponding table and clicking the Return button.

Seamless Final Billing and Happy Customers

final billing in Nimbus Restaurant software

The next and final step in the restaurant billing journey is the final bill. Nimbus RMS ensures that the final step is smooth and error-free. Once the provisional bill is approved, generating a final bill is just another click. Select the relevant table and click the final bill button on the sales and return screen menu. All taxes, tips, or discounts are taken care of in the final bill.

A Note About Adding Service Charges & Taxes

Certain restaurants and cafes include an extra fee, calculated as a percentage of the total bill, to cover the services rendered by their staff. With Nimbus Restaurant software, you have the flexibility to add this service charge at any step of the billing journey. You can apply the service charge to the kitchen receipt, provisional bill, or final bill as needed.

Taxes, whether for cash or card payments, can be configured through the configuration>Sale screen. Both provisional and final bills display the applicable taxes. In the case of a card payment for the final bill, it will reflect the specific tax rate applicable to card payments. .


Nimbus Restaurant software empowers restaurants to optimize every aspect of their billing process, from the initial kitchen receipt to the final bill. With automated kitchen receipts, real-time provisional bills, plus seamless and accurate final billing, Nimbus RMS can be your recipe for successful restaurant management.

So, if you’re looking to elevate your restaurant’s billing process and enhance the overall dining experience, Nimbus RMS has you covered. Create Your Account Now.

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