The Ultimate Guide to Salesperson Management in NimbusRMS

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Salesperson management in Nimbus RMS

Salesperson management in Nimbus RMS is easy, and you can easily customize Nimbus RMs to manage salespersons according to YOUR retail/wholesale business requirements.

We have already discussed the difference between various types of users, and how users are created in Nimbus. To reinforce, we will begin talking about salesperson management in Nimbus with the fundamental question:

What is a Salesperson?

A salesperson is someone who is there for the customers to guide them and facilitate sales. A salesperson is responsible for engaging the customer, upselling, and answering queries about various products. A salesperson usually is not a user of the system, s/he usually provides information about various products to the customers, helps them buy products, and guides them to the cash counter.

This goes without saying that all salespersons are employees of the store. In Nimbus retail software, as you know, all employees can be easily managed in the system. And salespersons are no exception.

Let’s now have a look at the step-by-step salesperson management process in Nimbus retail software.


How to Define a Salesperson in Nimbus

Define Employee Type

A salesperson is your employee, and, thus, defining a salesperson means you will first define an employee and then tell Nimbus to designate that employee as a salesperson. The designations of employees are called ‘Employee types’ in Nimbus RMS.

Some Employee Types are predefined in the system, and Salesperson is one of them. However, you should have an idea about how an employee type is defined and should be able to define more employee types if you need them.

Define Salesperson

Now that you are clear about employee types, the rest is simple. Just select Configuration>Store Configuration from the left side menu, and select Store Employees. Define a new employee, and from EmployeeType drop down select Salesperson.

Salesperson management-Store Employees

How to Make Sure the Defined Salesperson Appears on the Sales & Return screen

Obviously, there is no point in defining a salesperson if you can’t select it while making a sale. All defined salespersons will appear on the sales and return screen ONLY if the following conditions are met:

a. The salesperson field is enabled on the sales and return screen. To enable the field, on the Configuration>System Configuration>Sale tab, the ‘Enable Salesperson Field’ checkbox should be checked.

b. The checkbox ‘Set as Salesperson’ on the Store Employees screen should be checked for the defined employee.

Does this mean if the Checkbox ‘Set as Salesperson ‘ is Checked for any Other Employee type, say, Cashier, that Person will also Appear in the Salesperson’s list on the Sales& Return screen?


Yes, exactly. The feature comes in handy if you have a small store and don’t have many employees. For example, if your cashier is also your salesperson, the ‘set as salesperson’ checkbox should be kept checked while defining the cashier.

There is a Field ‘Attach User’ on the Employee screen, what Purpose Does it Serve?

As you know, users are those who log in to the system. And when there are many shifts, different users can be responsible for different shifts. In such cases, you may want to designate one salesperson for a particular shift meaning the user for that shift shouldn’t have the option to select any other salesperson.

The ‘Attach User’ feature makes this possible. While defining a salesperson, from the ‘Attach User’ drop-down field, select the user you want to attach with the defined salesperson. The salesperson who is attached to a particular user will appear as the default salesperson whenever that particular user logs in.

Is it Possible to Make Salesperson Selection Mandatory?

Yes, of course. You can ensure that no sale is made without attaching a salesperson with the receipt. For this, you need to check one checkbox. On the Configuration>System Configuration>Sale tab, mark the checkbox ‘Mandatory Salesperson Selection.’

Once this checkbox is checked, the system will not process the sale if a salesperson is not selected and will give the message: ‘salesperson is required.’

Is it Possible to Attach Multiple Salespersons to Various Items in an Invoice?

Yes, easily. Nimbus RMS understands retail businesses. For example, a departmental store can have a number of departments where each department has its own salesperson. In such cases, the cashier can attach each item in the sales receipt to the salesperson of the item’s department. For this to happen, on the Configuration>System Configuration> Sales tab keep Item Wise Salesperson checkbox checked.

What is the Purpose of Assigning Codes to Salespersons?

A Code is assigned to each salesperson on the Store Employee screen. The codes help to keep the check-out fast. Whenever a salesperson facilitates a sales of any customer, s/he can simply mention the code so the cashier wouldn’t have to search the name from the employee list. The cashier will simply enter the code and the salesperson will be selected.

How do you Delete a Salesperson Record from Nimbus?

You can’t delete a salesperson record. If a salesperson is no longer working with you, you can simply select the salesperson record you want to delete and select an end date in the End-Date field. Once you select the end date and update the salesperson record, the salesperson will no longer appear on the sales and return screen and will not be visible on any report.

Salesperson Management: How to Check Salesperson Report

The Salesperson report is important because you need to keep track of the sales of each salesperson for gauging the performance and also for calculating the sales commission of each salesperson. Nimbus RMS makes salesperson management simple by generating a separate salesperson report. From the Reports menu, select C-Sales Report>C-02 Salesperson Report. You can check any salesperson’s performance by selecting the date range and generating the report.


Salesperson management in Nimbus RMS is easy. You need to follow a few steps to keep the entire process streamlined. While for defining a salesperson, you just need to enter the employee’s information on one screen, it is important to know all the configurations that impact how smoothly your salesperson management process works.

There are help articles for each screen on the Nimbus Support website, this article, however, lists down all important steps thus serving as a reference article for salesperson management. Do you have any questions about the topic? Let us know in the comments section below.

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