Security Module: How to Secure Your Data in Four Steps

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Five Steps to Security Your Data With Nimbus Security Module

The security module in Nimbus RMS cloud retail software provides features that help you ensure the security of your system and data and various levels. In this article, we will guide you on how you can use the security module in Nimbus RMS to secure your data and streamline business operations.

Let’s get Started

Create Security Groups:

Begin by creating security groups. When you create an account in Nimbus RMS, you will find two default groups. One is Admin and the other is Sales Store. Nimbus RMS gives you the option to create additional groups to streamline your day to day business operations. For example, you can create a Stock Control group that can be solely responsible for keeping tabs on the inventory and entering the new stock. And there is no limit to the number of groups you can create in Nimbus.

Online Inventory Management Software & User Groups

How Groups Keep your Data Secure

Groups, as the label suggests, are created to categorize users into various segments. The grouping makes it easier to segregate rights and responsibilities. Instead of granting certain rights to each individual, you can assign rights to a group and all the users within that group will have access to only those rights.

The segregation also makes it easy to fix responsibility and monitor operations at group levels. For example, if there are discrepancies in the values of a purchase order and GRN, you can check entries made by the group responsible for stock control.

creating security groups in Nimbus RMS

Define Security Users

The next step is to add users to the defined groups. On the security users’ screen, you can define new users and further tighten the security by assigning various user rights to each user.  For example, sticking to our stock control group example, if there two users in this group, you can assign the right to view cost price to user A, and not give this right to user B. Or you can give the right to edit price to one salesperson in your sales store group and withhold that right from the others.


Assign Group Rights

Step three is to assign screen wise rights to various groups. Group rights is the ultimate security screen. Here you can decide what screen right you want to give to each group. For example, you can give update and edit rights on customers screen to one group and just give the view right on the same screen to another group.

You also have the option to give the viewing right on all screens to a certain group by marking just one checkbox ‘view all’. For example, you may want to create a separate group of managers whose users will be responsible for monitoring and reporting business activities. You can achieve this purpose just by marking the checkbox ‘View All’ for this group.

Group rights screen in Nimbus RMS

Implement Change Password Policy


Changing passwords at regular intervals is a must to keep your POS secure. Nimbus RMS makes it easy to adhere to this policy by providing the Change password screen. The Change Password screen is not rights-based and the users of all groups can easily open the screen and change their passwords. The admin user can, of course, see the current password of every employee and find out if everyone is following the password policy.

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