E-commerce or Brick-and-Mortar: The Selling Question!

The Answer is: You can have the Best of Both Worlds

Sell in-store with Nimbus retail software, and bring the same store online with Shopify. Brick and mortar for your brand’s physical presence and E-commerce for more visibility and more profits.


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E-commerce Success with Nimbus and Shopify


Import Items

Import Items

When you are starting out, you can easily import all the items defined in Nimbus to your e-commerce store.


Real-Time Sales Reports

A real-time overview of your stores’ sales performance. All e-commerce sales will instantly sync with Nimbus & vice versa.


Inventory for Ecommerce Store

Select certain items as ‘online items‘ in Nimbus. Only the selected items will show in your Ecommerce store.


Real-Time Product Updates

Any changes made to products, like attributes, vendors, product types, price, etc. will sync with the e-commerce store in Shopify


Real time Stock Syncing

Whenever you add new stock in Nimbus of the products marked as online, the stock updates will instantly sync with Shopify.


Courier Management

Easily maintain courier service ledgers in Nimbus. Keep track of all the courier companies and payments

Key FAQs on Nimbus Integration with Shopify

Can I define new products in Shopify?

No. Nimbus RMS will be your primary inventory management system. You will create a new product in Nimbus, mark it as an online item, and it will automatically syn with Shopify and will be visible in Shopify product list.

What is the basic requirement for Integrating Nimbus with Shopify?

If you already have an account in Shopify, all you need is permission to create a private app. Under the apps menu, click ‘Manage Private Apps>Permission’ and follow the instructions. You will then share your store’s URL, API key, and password with Nimbus Team.

Do you provide services to set up the Shopify store?

Yes, we provide the services

How long does it take to sync data from Nimbus to Shopify and vice versa?

All syncing happens in real time. There is no time lapse in data sync whether from Nimbus to Shopify or from Shopify to Nimbus.

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