Serialized Inventory: How to Manage it In Nimbus RMS

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Serialized Inventory management in Nimbus

Serialized Inventory


If you are in the business of selling smartphones, electronics, or other products that have unique identifiers, like numbers or codes, you will need to track each item individually. Inventory management of such products or serialized inventory management helps you track which particular item is received in stock, sold, or returned. The tracking of serialized inventory also helps in managing warranty claims and registering theft of such items.

If you are a retailer dealing in serialized inventory, your inventory management software should be able to support the tracking of serial items. Nimbus RMS not just helps you define serial items but also helps you manage the inventory and sale of serial items,

Managing serialized inventory in Nimbus is easier than you think. It just takes a few simple steps listed below:


Define Serial Items


The first step is to define serial items. While defining such items, you need to mark such items as serial items in Nimbus. On the product definition screen, after entering product details, just check the checkbox serial item and save it. Nimbus will save the product as a serial item meaning you can enter serial numbers for each piece of the product while entering the stock.

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Enter or Scan Serial Numbers while Entering Stock


Once you have defined a product as a serial item, you can attach serial numbers to each piece while receiving the stock.

On the GRN screen, enter the received quantity of the serial item stock and save the GRN record. Now when you open the saved GRN, the Generate Serial Numbers button will become active. Click the button to enter or scan the serial number of each piece. After entering the serial numbers, you will be able to track the stock and sales of each item by their serial number.

Remember: You cannot enter more serial numbers than the received quantity. For example, if the total quantity of the stock is 20, Nimbus will prevent you from entering more than 20 serial numbers for the product.

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Selling Serialized Inventory


To sell an item with a serial number, go to the sales and return screen and load the serial item. Click the plus button on the payment screen to expand the field. Now scan the item’s serial number in the serial number field.

If you do not enter a serial number for a serial item, Nimbus RMS will give you a warning that you need to enter the serial number for the product. Similarly, if you enter a duplicate serial number or a wrong serial number, Nimbus RMS will prevent you from saving the sales receipt.

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Finally, to check the serial-wise report of all sold items, go to Inventory MGMT>Item Serial Numbers. The records tab will show the item details with their serial numbers, GRN number, and invoice number.

Do you use the serialized inventory feature of Nimbus retail software? If yes, what type of products do you use it for? Let us know in the comments section below.


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