Four Ways to Speed up the Retail Check out Process with Nimbus RMS

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Speeding up the retail checkout experience in Nimbus RMS

Speeding up the retail check out process is the way to make the shopping experience satisfactory for your customers. Long ques at the checkout counters and extended wait time can frustrate customers and impact sales and customer loyalty. Nimbus RMS cloud retail software is designed to make retail simple and efficient and this includes the speed of the checkout process. Let’s look at the three ways in which Nimbus RMS can give your customers the best checkout experience:[spacer height=”20px”]

Speed up Retail Check out process with Hold Receipt[spacer height=”20px”]

What if a customer while getting her/his payment processed remembers at the last moment to add another item to the cart? Obviously, you will have to halt the receipt making process till the customer comes back with the new items.
But it is very important not keep the next customer in the checkout line waiting. This is where Nimbus RMS Hold Receipt feature comes handy.

All you need to do is follow the steps listed below:

Click the Hold button at the bottom of the screen:


[spacer height=”20px”]​The current receipt will be put on hold and the screen will clear. You can  then process payments of the next customer in line. When the customer comes back you can easily retrieve the held receipt by clicking the details icon of the Hold button:[spacer height=”20px”]


[spacer height=”20px”][spacer height=”20px”]​A screen will open up listing all the receipts put on hold. Click the one you want to load on the sales and return screen and process the payments.


[spacer height=”20px”]​Speed up the Retail Checkout Process with Cash Receipt[spacer height=”20px”]

Another feature that can speed up the checkout process is Cash receipt. For cash receipt, you don’t have to enter the payment or balance amount. Just receive the payment and click the Cash button. Nimbus RMS will automatically send the print command to the printer to generate the sale receipt.

Note: The application will not show the balance amount.[spacer height=”20px”]

[spacer height=”20px”]Keep Retail check out fast with various Payment Options[spacer height=”20px”]

A variety of payment options makes the payment process easy for your customers thus speeding up the process. Nimbus RMS allows your customers to pay in Cash, credit or through various credit or debit cards. And for receiving payments in multiple modes, you don’t need to visit another screen. Just click the Payment button and the payment screen will open up. Enter payment details and Save.


[spacer height=”20px”]Speed up  the Check-out Process with the Quick Product Search Feature[spacer height=”20px”]

Loading a product, selecting a customer, or attaching sales person to a receipt is simple and quick in Nimbus RMS. While you can easily scan the products in Nimbus RMS to make the checkout fast,  the quick search feature is another huge plus that makes search fast which, in turn, keeps the checkout fast. If  you need to search any product, customer or salesperson, you don’t have to search the entire database  by clicking the help button. All you have to do is just type the Name or Code of the product, and Nimbus RMS will load it.  Similary, you can start typing in the name of the customer or sales person and Nimbus RMS will show the list of customers and salespersons begining with the alphabet you just typed.

[spacer height=”20px”]Regardless of whether you are using Nimbus RMS online or  making sales without internet, its interface and features speed up the check-out process. Are you using Nimbus RMS? Tell us about your experience in the comments sections below.

Author: naureen amjad- director communications. Along with navigating the many communication channels at LumenSoft, she likes to smell the flowers, count the stars, and bury her head in books. She strongly believes that the person who discovered coffee is the most important discoverer in the history of the world.
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