What is Cloud POS & How it Works Plus Other Questions

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What is cloud POS and How it works plus other questions

What is Cloud based retail POS software and how does it work?

All cloud based software, including retail applications, do not require installation and are independent of the operating systems. The cloud software runs in browsers, and you can run these applications from any browser

What is the difference between cloud-based software and on-premise software?

The on-premise (desktop) applications first need to be installed, and they are generally operating system dependent.


Is Cloud Retail POS Secure?

You should check about the servers and the hosting facility. Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS are amongst the top of the line cloud infrastructure. If an application is hosted on one of these then your data is quite safe.

Can a virus attack my cloud app?

Modern cloud infrastructures are hardened against virus or any other types of attacks and mostly recover very quickly. Most cloud infrastructure has 99.99% uptime. Your device OS, anti-virus software nevertheless has to be kept updated and virus free.

Does Cloud software cost less?

Cloud software generally has no upfront costs but a simple monthly subscription model or pay-per-use model. So the payments are time-based or usage-based. Desktop or on-premises software generally costs more upfront because of dedicated hardware, installations, and upfront license fees. It also has other recurring fees for maintenance and support.

Do I need to take Data backup if I have my store is on cloud retails software?

The Cloud retail software, or in general any cloud or online software, generally does not require a data backup. It is the responsibility of the service provider to take regular backup.



What happens if the internet is disconnected?

Based on the design of cloud software, it can either keep running locally and sync data when re-connected to the internet or not function at all. Newer technologies allow for apps to keep functioning even during internet disconnections and then keep data safe seamlessly

Can we run cloud retail POS software on mobile and our laptops

Good cloud software should be able to run on all devices including desktop, tablets, and mobile phones. Some service providers develop mobile applications, in addition to web applications, which need to be installed on the mobile phone. The latest trend is the development of PWA (progressive web application) which adapt itself to the device. Also, such applications run locally in the absence of an internet connection

Is the retail software categorized as consumer application or enterprise application?

Consumer applications are B2C applications which mean that the software which is targeted towards the general public. In contrast, the B2B applications are generally categorized as industrial or enterprise application. So the retail software which is used by businesses to manage their operations and inventory are enterprise application. In contrast, the retail applications which are for E-commerce and end customer is the user are consumer application

Can the Cloud Retail software generate the customer receipt quickly without having the customer to wait at the checkout counter?

If the design of the Online retail software is good and it uses the latest technology then customer receipt printing should not be a problem

What are some examples of cloud-based retail software?

There are many good cloud-based retail applications available for all types of retail businesses. Some examples are: Nimbus RMS, Vend, LightSpeed Retail, and many more..

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