Why Make Autonomous Stores in Cloud Retail Software- Two Reasons

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Two reasons to make autonomous stores in Cloud retail software

[spacer height=”20px”]Why make autonomous stores in cloud retail software? This is the question that many Nimbus RMS, cloud retail software, users ask us. In this article, we have outlined the two reasons why autonomous stores can help make cloud-based retail simple.

Many cloud retail applications provide you with the option to manage retail chains where the head office controls retail operations of the entire retail chain. Here the head office has full authority over the various functions carried out at every store. This means any HO user, provided s/he has the rights, will be able to perform all retail operations like entering the stock, making sales, carrying out stock count, etc. of every HO controlled shop. Moreover, the HO user can easily overwrite transactions of the controlled shops and can operate each store from anywhere.

As pointed out in the previous post, in cloud based retail applications, the HO controlled model is the norm.

Nimbus cloud retail software, however, offers the best of both the world. This means while having all the perks of a cloud-based application you can also create independent stores in the cloud.

A cloud-based retail application can’t get more awesome than this![spacer height=”20px”]

Why Make Autonomous Stores in Cloud Retail Software?[spacer height=”20px”]​

Traditional client-server based desktop retail software creates autonomous stores as the software is installed on individual computers for each store. Autonomous store, as the term implies, has the freedom to manage itself and control its own affairs. Now the question arises, if you are using a cloud-based retail application why would you want to make one or more of your stores autonomous? Well, why not?

Here are the two reasons why you might want to make some of your stores autonomous:[spacer height=”20px”]

Reason # 1:   Autonomous Store can Lessen Burden[spacer height=”20px”]

If you have twenty shops, how much can you really do? Even if you have an efficient and fast application like Nimbus RMS to take care of all retail operations and keep them simple it can become difficult.

For example, if you have twenty shops, entering sales and stock for all these stores could be not just time consuming but also nerve wrecking. Managing and controlling every single retail operation becomes too much when you have a large retail chain.[spacer height=”20px”]

Reason # 2: Autonomous Can Help you Fix Responsibility[spacer height=”20px”]

Why make autonomous stores

Making some stores autonomous means those stores are responsible for the goings on at the store. The head office will know who the users are (because the HO can always check the reports), who is operating the shop, handling cash, etc. thus making it easy to fix responsibility if anything goes wrong at a particular store. And nobody will think of passing the buck on to the Head office.

With autonomous store functionality, you can have it both ways. Enjoy the perks of cloud based retail software while using the simplicity of the traditional client-based server model in the cloud.

Author: naureen amjad- director communications. Along with navigating the many communication channels at LumenSoft, she likes to smell the flowers, count the stars, and bury her head in books. She strongly believes that the person who discovered coffee is the most important discoverer in the history of the world.
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