Customers and Vendors in Nimbus RMS;  VideoTutorials

This section of Cloud POS video Tutorials for Nimbus RMS helps you master the customers and vendors related features. You can also read the related articles on customers and vendor on Nimbus support center


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Customers TOP


Watch Time: 1:05 (Minutes)

Customer Module in Nimbus: Introduction

In this tutorial, you will learn why do we define customers and how customer definition can help us in retail


Watch Time: 1:27 (Minutes)

How to Update Customer Data

How to select an already defined customer and modify the customer information details in Nimbus RMS


Watch Time: 0:44 (Minutes)

What Are Customer Type Based Prices

Learn how customer types based prices help us in determining our pricing strategy according to the buying patterns of customers


Watch Time: 2:34 (Minutes)

How to Set up a Customer Loyalty Program

In this video, you will learn how to build customer loyalty by offering discount on invoice or reward points


Watch Time: 2:03 (Minutes)

How to Define a New Customer

How to define a new customer in Nimbus Retail Software and check its impact on the sales and return screen


Watch Time: 2:06 (Minutes)

Customer Types: Introduction

What are customer types, why they are important,  and how they can help us in grouping customers


Watch Time: 3:23 (Minutes)

How to Define Customer Type Based Prices

How to attach prices of various items to customer types by selecting items or by using a loader file


Watch Time: 2:35 (Minutes)

How to Define a Credit Customer

Learn how to define credit customer, and check its impact on the sales & return and Customer Ledger A-02


Watch Time: 2:16 (Minutes)

How to Define Customer Types

How to define customer types and attach various department and item-wise discounts to each type


Watch Time: 2:50 (Minutes)

What is Customer Opening Balance & How to Define it

Customer opening balance is entered at the time of defining customer. Learn how to enter & edit customers’ opening balance

Suppliers TOP


Watch Time: 1:44 (Minutes)

How to Define a New Supplier

In this video, you will learn how to define a new supplier, enter contact details. You will also learn how to edit a supplier record.


Watch Time: 2:29 (Minutes)

What is Supplier Opening Balance & How to Define it

Opening balance is the pending payment of the supplier at the time of defining the supplier. Learn how to enter the opening balance

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